The Manhattan Ave Residence is one of Laney LA's first major constructions and has become a very special project. The studio was hired by a celebrity athlete to design and direct all aspects of the exterior architecture. Laney LA created an iconic, gabled roofline and muscular wood facade, softened by traditional windows and Canadian stone. 


In addition to the exterior architecture, Laney LA designed and permitted the walk street encroachments, giving the home a sense of connection to the site. The custom slat fence follows the language established by the wood-clad facades above. All components were modeled in 3D, giving the Client a full picture of the home, prior to construction.


One of the main challenges during construction was the aggressive cantilevered roof, which became integral to the climatic, covered deck space. Large steel beams, clad in wood, made this special feature possible. The balcony walls alternate between solid surface, to create privacy, and transparent glass railings, to capture the view of the ocean.


The final result is a stunning, modern interpretation of the gabled beach bungalow. The home emerges from the sloped walk street, lifting your eye to the distinct roofline and expansive deck. Leveraging the opportunity for a reverse floor plan, the main living spaces enjoy stunning ocean views and vaulted ceilings. 


The design began as a traditional, white plantation home, originally drawn by Douglas Leach. When Laney LA received the plans, they immediately constructed a digital model of the home and began to explore a very different architectural aesthetic. 

Laney LA Process Manhattan Ave Residence
A jewel in the Manhattan Beach landscape.
— Rini Kundu, Interior Designer
Laney LA Beach Bungalow


Interior Designer: Rini Kundu

Contractor: RJ Smith Construction

Landscape: Jones Landscapes LA

Collaborating Architect: Doug Leach

Photos: Ryan Garvin