Studio Director

How To Apply

Please send a resume, cover letter, and relevant work samples as PDF attachments to jobs@laney.lawith the specific job title in the subject line. Limit file sizes to 10MB.

About Position

The six essential responsibilities of this role are the following:

  1. Manage Revenue: The studio director is responsible for achieving revenue targets. The studio director must ensure that the contracts that are signed, will result in paid invoices. This requires all projects to be “On-Track” for client satisfaction, design excellence, hours, schedule, level of development, and profitability. The studio director must manage the “Backlog” spreadsheet to ensure that clients are motivated to pay their bills.
  1. Allocate Resources: The studio director must play the role of air-traffic-controller, optimizing resources allocation to meet project demands, within the constraints of project profitability. This means the studio director will manage staffing predictions to meet deadlines, while considering the strengths and limitations of each teammate.
  1. Lead "EOS" for the Service Department: The studio director must become a fluent facilitator and leader of “EOS” (Entrepreneur Operating System). This will require radical candor, great discipline, open-mindedness, and preparation. A few of the activities it will include are: leading “L10” weekly meetings, leading departmental quarterly meetings, establishing Department “rocks” (priorities), crafting the one-year departmental plan, and analyzing and improving the health of the organization.
  1. Unblock Service Department: The studio director must enable the service department to do their best work. The core of this responsibility involves identifying the core issues that are blocking greater progress and then “unblocking” these issues. The studio director must effortlessly speak the language of design, project management, client management, and construction.
  1. Lead, Manage, Hold Accountable: This responsibility of the studio director requires them to lead, manage, and hold their team accountable. To do this well, the studio director must: Clearly comprehend the Laney LA vision and commit to give their best to get there. Stomach difficult conversations and ask tough questions. Mentor their team, expertly wielding candor, empathy, humor, and coaching to elevate staff performance. Hold their team accountable such that all teammates understand where they are headed and what they are responsible for accomplishing
  1. Design Direction: The studio director is responsible for guiding the design of projects under their care to align cohesively with the ethos of Laney LA.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • 15+ years of experience in residential and commercial architecture
  • Licensed architect
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in architecture
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge and experience in all phases of architectural projects
  • Ability to schedule staffing on projects in a fluid environment
  • Strong interest in firm management
  • Strong leadership and self-motivation
  • Excellent delegation skills
  • Highly skilled technically
  • Good awareness of design, industry trends, materials, innovations, and the aptitude to translate these ideas
  • Experience with reviewing highly complex drawings sets
  • Punctual & organized
  • Knowledge of California Building Codes

Cultural Fit

We believe that a cultural fit is the highest priority. Therefore, we have outlined several items that define our studio culture.  

Laney LA shares the following five core values.  

  • Designer’s Passion: We demand creative energy in all ventures
  • Servant’s Heart: We embrace the art of service
  • Rookie’s Advantage: We pursue a steep learning curve
  • Detective’s Curiosity: We demonstrate active listening
  • Warrior’s Spirit: We overcome obstacles with bravery 


  • Competitive salary ($150,000)
  • Health & dental benefits
  • 401(K) Plan with 4% match
  • Paid vacation & holidays
  • Sick leave