SF Residence

Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan Beach

Enigmatic and refined, the SF residence is designed to draw one’s curiosity to what lies below the surface. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean just beyond its walls, the home conceptually dances between the solid and the permeable. At first glance, a collection of gabled volumes communicate volumetric simplicity. However, it is the materiality that takes precedence to the massing. The first floor’s concrete pedestal is sculpted to form curvilinear entries and passageways - its form and void paying homage to coastal bluffs. Perched above this, the entire gabled facade is enveloped in an operable, wooden veil. 

Located in an area with significant pedestrian traffic, this rippling screen brings versatility and beauty to the home’s juxtaposition of exposure and privacy. Light, wind, and the sounds and smells of the ocean outside its walls create spaces of reverence and reflection by day. At night, the translucence of the veil gives the home the appearance of a glowing lantern.

The residence itself is organized around a series of intimate outdoor rooms, which are not immediately apparent to outside observers. From sunlight sanctuaries to reflective pools, the layout avoids traditional distinctions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Instead, nature is woven into each space through light, sky, trees, and water - culminating in an experience that is entirely unique. 

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